Day: October 30, 2016

Laser Rangefinder Buyers Guide

Hunting is quite a great experience allowing you to get a taste of the adrenaline that goes with hunting in the wild. When compared with other hunting equipment such as binoculars laser rangefinders are relatively new, even though this is the case, the laser rangefinder is quickly becoming pretty popular among hunters. The device, which uses a laser to determine just how far or close an object is, comes in pretty handy when hunting. Thanks to advances in technology, laser rangefinders are more accurate, smaller and even more affordable. If you are to get the best hunting experience, then laser rangefinder for hunting is one gadget that you need to have.

Laser rangefinders measure distance by using a beam of light that is invisible. The laser light is sent from the range finder and is then reflected back to the range finder from the target in question. Though for a long time the laser range finder has mostly been used in sport hunting, it is also quickly gaining popularity in other sporting activities such as golfing. Thanks to golf laser rangefinder, there has been a huge revolution in golf as one can now accurately measure distances and in turn work on his or her performance.

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The first thing for you to consider is the range. When we talk of range, we are referring to the distance that the laser rangefinder can measure accurately. This is the most important consideration to make; it is also upon this functionality that the price of the laser range finder is mainly based on. The longer the distance the laser range finder can accurately measure, the higher the price and vice versa.

Other Characteristics

Other than the range, you also need to consider the characteristics of that particular laser range finder, says the laser rangefinder review. When we talk of characteristics, we mean features such as the aiming reticle and the battery life of the rangefinder.


One thing that you need to know about the battery life of a rangefinder is that it affects the performance of the laser rangefinder. If your laser range finder is low on battery, then chances are quite high that your range finder will not perform as great as it should. It is therefore best that you go for a range finder that has a long battery life. This may call for you to spend more on the range finder.

Scan Time

The scan time of the laser rangefinder should also be considered. The scan time is the time that it takes for the particular range finder to accurately determine the how far or close the object of interest is. The shorter the scan time, the more accurate you can be, this is especially the case when it comes to moving targets. The only instance where the scan time is not a major consideration is where the object of interest is stationary.

Water Proof

When choosing the laser rangefinder reviews, you need to make sure that it is waterproof. The electronics in the rangefinder are pretty sensitive and the only way that you can be sure to get the rangefinder serving you for a long time is if it is not damaged by water.

Coating (Lens)

The coating of the lens is also a pretty important consideration. This coating is of a special chemical that helps reduce the glare and also the amount of light that is lost in transmission. The more the coatings and the better the quality the higher the price, states the laser rangefinder review.

Environmental Toughness

Other than the above considerations, you should see to it that it is protected against bumps while in the field and also from scratches. This therefore means that you should choose models that are armored with rubber so as to protect your laser rangefinder while you are on the field. It would be quite disheartening to have your laser range finder destroyed while you are in the field.

Technologically Advanced

Thanks to technological advances, not only can you be sure of getting durable a laser rangefinder for hunting or a golf laser rangefinder , but you can also be sure that the camera you choose will offer you with so much more. When we have a look at laser rangefinders today, we see a feature that is relatively new known as true horizontal distance that helps one to accurately measure horizontal distances.

A laser rangefinder is quickly becoming a must have for sport hunters, golfers and surveyors. If you are looking for the experience of a lifetime in your sport adventures, you need the right tools. The Rangefinder is not only a new technology, it is quickly becoming a must have for the adventurous individual.

With the above tips on how to find the top laser rangefinder, you can be sure to find the laser rangefinder of quality.